“The people in the Summer Institute are my second family. I come here to feel and express unconditional love and acceptance. I’ve never felt that anywhere else within the context of inherited wealth.”


“As a partner of a person with inherited wealth, I had access to information and experiences that significantly contributed to our marriage and relationship.”


“Summer Institute has taught me that I am not the only person who had issues with wealth; I’ve now begun to bring the idea of my wealth into my thinking about who I am.”


“SI is a safe place to reveal who you really are – not just around the money in your life, but what you are afraid of, what you love, and what you want. It is a warm community of people who help each other grow through the challenges of wealth and life. There is no place else I feel as heard, seen, and supported.”


“It’s a group for personal growth where the issue of money/wealth is the norm.”


“Summer Institute is a community learning experience that equips anyone belonging, by birth or marriage, to a wealthy family with skills, values, insights and stories that will make their lives and those of their families more whole, creative and happy.”


“This is a life-changing event for inheritors and their spouses. An awesome community.”


“It is the most wonderful experience in a safe place to connect to yourself and other wealthy people.”


“I discovered this is a place I can relax that guard.”







Monday, October 15 – Thursday, October 18, 2018
(with departures on Friday, October 19th)


How Much Is Enough?

It’s a question inheritors and their partners often ask, and our answers are as individually unique and diverse as we are. How does having wealth affect perceptions of scarcity, comfort, and excess? How do our feelings of abundance and deficiency interact? How do these concerns impact our self-esteem and our sense of purpose?

While inherited money is the topic that unites us at Summer Institute, we will look further into other, often less tangible areas impacted by our experience of having enough, insufficiency, and excess, like:

Time, health, security, relationships, community, our families, and our work
Food, fun, sex, chocolate, and other potentially “guilty pleasures”
Thinking and planning for our future, and living a fulfilling life

Together we’ll explore related questions such as:

How do we know what is enough?
In what areas would you like to feel more abundance? More restriction?
How does guilt affect decisions about how much to give away, share, disclose or hide?
What are needs versus wants?
What price do we pay for believing we don’t have enough? Or that we have too much?
When does money become a substitute for what we really want?

In our safe and open community, we will challenge our assumptions, delve into and reflect on how much, and of what, we truly need to feel secure and at peace in an uncertain world.

The Summer Institute incorporates a balance of large and small group activities, including educational exercises, presentations, and discussions. We include time for personal reflection as well as opportunities for socializing with others.

Whether you’ve spent little time or decades pondering questions like those above, the Summer Institute will provide something of value to you. It is our experience that what we learn and explore together leads to more open, fulfilling conversations and relationships throughout our lives.


MIT Endicott House
Dedham, Massachusetts

MIT Endicott House, in Dedham, MA, is the former family home of H. Wendell Endicott and is now owned by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The property is surrounded by 25 acres of magnificent gardens and grounds, with lovely walking trails, wooded areas, and outdoor activities that you can enjoy when not in session. The Summer Institute will meet in the 1934 mansion, built in the style of a French manor, but with all of the amenities of today. Endicott House is easily accessible from both Boston’s Logan International Airport and TF Green Airport in Providence, RI. Visit the MIT Endicott House website at www.mitendicotthouse.org for more details.


Registration Fees
$3,000 before August 1st • $3,200 after August 1st

To encourage partners/spouses to attend together to explore new ways to think and talk about inherited family wealth, there is a discount for the second member of a couple:
$2,600 before August 1st • $2,800 after August 1st

Your registration fee covers the program and materials, as well as accommodations, meals, taxes and gratuities. Travel costs are not included.

Refund Policy: Participants canceling less than 30 days before the start of Summer Institute will receive full tuition refunds, less $200 and any nonrefundable costs assessed by MIT Endicott House.


For More Info or To Register
Please call 919-908-6178 or email info@summerinstitute.org.