“The people in the Summer Institute are my second family. I come here to feel and express unconditional love and acceptance. I’ve never felt that anywhere else within the context of inherited wealth.”


“As a partner of a person with inherited wealth, I had access to information and experiences that significantly contributed to our marriage and relationship.”


“Summer Institute has taught me that I am not the only person who had issues with wealth; I’ve now begun to bring the idea of my wealth into my thinking about who I am.”


“SI is a safe place to reveal who you really are – not just around the money in your life, but what you are afraid of, what you love, and what you want. It is a warm community of people who help each other grow through the challenges of wealth and life. There is no place else I feel as heard, seen, and supported.”


“It’s a group for personal growth where the issue of money/wealth is the norm.”


“Summer Institute is a community learning experience that equips anyone belonging, by birth or marriage, to a wealthy family with skills, values, insights and stories that will make their lives and those of their families more whole, creative and happy.”


“This is a life-changing event for inheritors and their spouses. An awesome community.”


“It is the most wonderful experience in a safe place to connect to yourself and other wealthy people.”


“I discovered this is a place I can relax that guard.”








Tuesday, October 22nd – Saturday, October 26th, 2019
(with departures on Sunday, October 27th)

By popular demand — an extended Summer Institute with more time throughout the program to enjoy each other and this activity-rich venue!



Love, Money, and Power: Relationships and Inheritance

Money brings enormous power in our culture. Power inequalities are often invisible to those who have more, but are painfully obvious to those with less. In families of inherited wealth, relationships are especially impacted by the inequalities of wealth between family members, which can unintentionally cause harm to those with less money.

At this year’s Summer Institute, we will explore:

The impact of money on various relationships, from partner relationships to parent-child relationships, from friendships to philanthropic and business relationships
Potential risks and rewards of different degrees of openness and sharing in relationships, whether budding or long-standing
Ways to create conversations about the impact of all types of power imbalances, and explore options for mitigating them
Creative ways couples with unequal financial wealth share the bounty and decision-making power
Potential conversations with your heirs about what you plan to leave them, and preparing them to enjoy the benefits responsibly

Becoming more conscious of ways the control of money affects you, and those in relationship with you, provides the freedom to talk more openly about the impact. This can reduce the likelihood of unintended harm and simmering resentments damaging your relationships, and deepen and enrich them as well!

The Summer Institute incorporates a balance of large and small group activities, including educational exercises, presentations, and discussions. We include time for personal reflection as well as opportunities for socializing with others.

Whether you've spent little time or decades pondering questions like those above, the Summer Institute will provide something of value to you. It is our experience that what we learn and explore together leads to more open, fulfilling conversations and relationships throughout our lives.




White Stallion Ranch / Tucson, Arizona

White Stallion Ranch is a family-owned and operated ranch on 3,000 acres of Sonoran desert bordering the Saguaro National Park. Home of the True family since 1965, White Stallion Ranch features horseback riding, team penning, rock climbing, e-bikes, shooting, tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton, swimming pool, fitness center, massage facilities, hot tub, hiking and jogging trails, game room, and more! — all of which (with the exception of spa treatments) are included as part of your registration fee. Our extended 2019 Summer Institute will provide attendees with time to enjoy these ranch activities when not in session! The White Stallion Ranch is just 40 minutes from the Tucson International Airport and 90 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, and the Ranch provides complimentary van service to and from the Tucson airport. Visit the White Stallion Ranch website at www.whitestallion.com for more information.


Registration Fees

$3,500 before August 15th • $3,700 after August 15th

To encourage spouses/partners to attend together to explore the impact of inherited wealth on their relationship, there is a discount for the second member of a couple:
$2,700 before August 15th  •  $2,900 after August 15th

Your registration fee covers the program and materials, accommodations, meals, taxes and gratuities, airport transfers, horseback riding, ranch activities such as rock climbing, shooting, archery, and guided hikes. Travel costs are not included.

Refund Policy: Participants canceling within 30 days of the start of Summer Institute will receive full refunds, less $200 and any nonrefundable costs assessed by White Stallion Ranch.


For More Info or To Register

Please call 919-908-6178 or email info@summerinstitute.org.