“The Summer Institute is a place where I feel completely accepted, supported and loved. I also learn valuable leadership skills and gain information regarding money issues. There is no place else I have ever been where I have shared my issues around being a female inheritor of wealth and felt so completely heard and understood.”


“A safe place to explore my relationship to money and how to be proactive in the stewardship of my resources (financial and other).”


“The Summer Institute and its facilitators and participants broke down many of the barriers that shame and isolation create. Community and inspiration felt possible. Getting out of a stale family system to experience other choices and possibilities was life-affirming.”


“I learned that I’m not alone, that I have a new community and resource bank; and I made an effective action plan.”






Now in its thirty-first consecutive year, the Summer Institute was established as an annual retreat and an ongoing community to address, in a confidential setting, the personal and interpersonal issues that accompany substantial inherited wealth. Protection from outside solicitation is paramount to our purposes. The Summer Institute has been described as a seminar, a retreat, a workshop, a growth experience and a reunion of friends.

Who runs the Summer Institute?
One of the unique features of the Institute is that the program is facilitated by Institute alumni. The program is created and presented by men and women who have addressed the challenges and opportunities of wealth and have committed to share their experience and expertise with others in similar circumstances. The Summer Institute is a self-supporting organization and accepts no outside contributions or sponsorships.

Who attends the Summer Institute?
Summer Institute attendees are members of families with multi-generational wealth. Participants have ranged in age from their twenties into their seventies, and all participants have a desire to change and grow. Many attendees come alone while others attend with their spouses or partners. Family groups have included adult siblings, and parents with their adult children and partners. Attendance is limited to approximately 24 participants in order to create an especially comfortable, safe gathering